Hi guys, I think you have known for a long time that my favorite type of clothing is street style. Jeans are my love! For six months I have been thinking about the design of the first jeans for Smart Dolls. And finally, after a lot of experiments on each element, I can finally introduce them to you. I called them Biker, skinny fit-the narrowest on the leg.

It was the first time I used thick denim, I was looking for a suitable fabric for a long time, I traveled to different cities. Finally, I found the perfect denim  100% cotton fabric that allowed me to create what I saw in my dreams.

To achieve a realistic look, wear, the fabric has undergone many types of processing: Wash with volcanic pumice stones, which soften the surface of the material and give the seams a wear. Then the products are washed with additives to fix the color, after rinsing with emollients. Each pair of jeans is quality control, I go through all the seams, put on the doll and see how they look on her. Each pair looks unique, the scuffs are not the same, they can be darker or lighter.

Biker Skinny Jeans for Smart Doll, 1/3, BJD SD13

SKU: 2010002